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A substrate is a rigid, board-like material onto which a print is adhesively mounted for display. We mount prints on two substrates:



Gator board ("): an extruded polystyrene foam board bonded between two thin layers of melamine-wood fiber veneer. Much stronger than foam board but about the same weight, at 1/3 lb./sq. ft. a 44"x84"x" gator board weighs 8 lbs. Its lightness and rigidity make it ideal for home wall-mounting, and metal hangers easily pierce halfway through its back for that purpose. With a harder outer surface than other foam core boards it resists warping. All seven prints in the mounted print gallery are mounted on " gator board.



Dibond (3mm, ⅛"): a sandwich of two 0.012" aluminum sheets around a low-density polyethylene core. Smoother than gator board, dibond is lighter and more rigid than solid aluminum sheet. At 0.79 lb./sq. ft., a 44"x84"x⅛" dibond sheet weighs 20 lbs. Although not pierceable for easy hanging and over twice as heavy as gator, its appearance is superior, thinner, and more modern.