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Lamination is covering a print with a thin layer of plastic, the "laminate," to protect it and to make it last. The perfectly transparent laminate has an adhesive side adhering to the face of the print and a clear outward-facing side protecting the print. This protection is comprehensive like insurance: it protects the artwork from scratches, fingerprints, grease, kinking, water, UV, and damage in handling and shipping, and also adds contrast, depth and "pop" to the image. We meticulously laminate all of our prints in a "clean room"  with the heat and pressure of a -ton laminator.


Laminates come in three finishes: matte, luster (aka "velvet" or "satin") or gloss, each giving a different appearance to a laminated image. Matte or luster finishes are often preferred in landscape or portraiture work where surface texture is desirable and extremely high resolution or detail is not. A gloss finish gives the highest detail, resolution, depth and contrast to laminated art, and for astrophotography it is by far our finish of choice. Its downside is that it is more reflective, so lighting has to be chosen and arranged with more attention than with the less detailed luster and matte finishes. The reward for this attention to detail, however, is a truly magnificent presentation of a great piece of art. All prints in the "Mounted Prints" gallery are photographs of gloss-laminated prints in my home.